Some shaders I wrote while working at the Virtual Reality Centre. They are all writen in Cg or HLSL and integrated with renderware applications.


A simple shader to render metallic surfaces. A cubic environment map is applied on the objects to give the chrome effect.


A chrome effect using an environment map and a bump map - The normal map is in tangent space.

BumpMetal BumpMetal2

Object Space Normal mapping

This shader shows how to 'recreate' geometry using a normal map. In this example normals are stored in the object space. The object on the left contains the original geometry. The object in the centre is the simplified model. The object on the right uses the simplified model and a normal map to restore the 'missing' geometry. Several video games (Doom3 ,HL2) implement similar shaders to get a good rendering while keeping a low number of polygons.

ObjectSpaceBump ObjectSpaceBumpwf


Simple scene using different shaders. Chrome effect + Reflection map + Bumpmap + Mask. The glass window effect uses a normal map. Different environment maps are applied on the inside and outside part of the box.

BumpMaskRef BumpMaskRef2