Some projects I wrote during the last few years when I was student.

Shadows in 3D video games

This is my MSc final year project. I studied some of the techniques used in video games to render shadows. I also wrote an application implementing some of the algorithms (flat shadows and shadows volumes).It was done a few years ago and shaders did not exist on current graphics cards at this time. Only the default pipeline is used with Directx 7.

shadowsShadows volumes project - EXE - A graphics card with a stencil buffer is required.

Bezier surfaces.

A simple opengl program for a MSc programming module. It renders the Utah teapot using a set of control points and bezier surfaces.You can change a few options with the right mouse button.

bezierTeapot - EXE.

A little shoot'em up game...

This is a really simple game I wrote for Games Programing Module. It is a basic 2D game and it is my first directx can see it also in the source code...
Keys: Left CTRL -> Blast !!!
Arrows : Move around...
Esc: Goodbye...

blastLittle shoot'em up + EXE + source.